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Are you curious about the condition of your current HVAC and duct system? Pilot Air will be happy to come out and give you an evaluation and for a limited time we are offering this evaluation for FREE! 

What's Included:

A visual inspection of your systems indoor components such as thermostat, wires, electrical components (contactors, relays, circuit boards, etc.), furnace cabinet, heating elements, refrigerant components (coils, compresser, refrigerant lines, etc.), fan components, duct connections and joints, etc.

In addition to the visual inspection we also check the operating ranges of the primary electrical components as well as the temperature ranges of the system. Once complete our representative will create a detailed checklist documenting these ranges and any findings as well as any recommendations. 

How To Set It Up:

Just click the "email us" button below or call one of our offices in King or Pilot Mountain.



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